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Shewolfnet Challenge » Lyanna and Robert 

The king was a great disappointment to Jon. His father had talked of him often: the peerless Robert Baratheon, demon of the Trident, the fiercest warrior of the realm, a giant among princes. Jon saw only a fat man, red-faced under his beard, sweating through his silks.


If you could have anything happen for Loras, what would you like to happen to your former love? (x)

stannis baratheon & jon snow
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"So what kind of character summary or back story did the writers of Game of Thrones give Dillane when they hired him to play Stannis?
“They didn’t. I had to fish around to get any sort of information and even then it was just ‘Oh he’s won a few battles’ and the rest of it I had to glean from the scripts. I had no idea at all, really, and that probably shows. If you look back on it, you probably see somebody standing there looking pretty bewildered, wondering what on earth is going on and where this is leading. You just have to trust that the fact that you’re in the dark is in some way playing out well.”"

— Brisbane Times interview with Stephen Dillane (x)

joedempsie: Still rowin’…#GoT

Gendry Waters » 3.08 Second Sons


it is year 2027. game of thrones looks to be finally over. all of your favorite characters are dead. but wait. a tiny boat rows ashore. it’s gendry. it’s gendry waters. he’s returned

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